Friday, 5 June 2015


Riga is wonderful  and beautiful capital in  the World.
Thousand of tourist visit here to  see its Orthodox and classical city built in  past centuries.

Located in the heart of Riga  and between  the crowd of many  fast food cafe we have  one of the best and  popular Fast food Kebab shop " HASANA KEBABS " .

Hasana Kebab 

 Appreciated by  lots of costumer , heart and taste winning best kebab is Located in  Center of Riga
Ernesta Birznieka-Upisa iela 2
 Riga, Latvia

What they  offer 
They  offer variety  of Kebabs (Chicken halal  , Beef  halal)  from small  to XL size
They  offer Variety of snacks  (French Fries ,  chicken wings ,crab legs , and much more ...)
They offer different drinks (Coke ,  Fanta , Drpepper, Aryan , Sprite, Blue Sheep and more ...)
They  offer Burger , Burito  and  desert food like Baklava

Main Motto
Customer satisfaction  with  quick  and fast service .

Recommended **

Monday, 1 June 2015

World War III

World War 3

Here are some reason  that might Lead us to  World War III

1--  North Korea vs. the World:

2-- China vs. India 

3-- India vs. Pakistan

4 -- Russia vs. NATO:

5 -- China vs. America (Taiwan, Japan or the South China Sea)

War and rebel against any country  is omen  for all  the world. Live your life and let other live  their life , take this as main motto  of life and walk on towards your own  path  of  success because  nothing is  important than happiness.

Nothing is dangerous than  upcoming world war 3 .  We pray  this would never happen  and this should never happen because  we are moving towards 22nd century  and it doesn't make any sense.
Live  in  Peace and harmony.