Friday, 29 May 2015

Top Ten Countries with Largest Armed Force in World

Top Ten Countries with Largest Armed Force in World

Position.      Countries                                    Number
1 People's Republic of China                    2,285,000
2 United States of America                    1,429,995
3 India                                                    1,325,000
4 Democratic People's Republic of Korea    1,106,000
5 Russian Federation                                     1,040,000
6 Republic of Korea                                       687,000
7 Turkey                                                      664,060
8 Pakistan                                                      617,000
9 Iran                                                              523,000
10 Egypt                                                      468,500



Travelling is the  Best part of your life My  life and  our life.  Experience are gained  by travelling not by  reading book  or sitting at a same place and craving for new idea. Idea are generated by  exploring the world and exploring the culture from  which  you  can see and meet many  many  people all around the world and exchange the culture and  be perfect person  and get the meaningful  life .Here are some beautiful  pic of travelling which  makes you  feel  travel all around the globe.
 Today is the second day  where I am willing to  update  my  blog with  some interesting fact and  provide my   blog some interesting look. Today  I  am working to  make it more  better and  change its outfit or its  layout so it looks attractive for the reader and will  welcome a vast  number of reader.
Creating blog is easy  but arranging it in  perfect order and getting your goal is difficult because  you  need to  make your blog go  public and  in order to make it go public you  need some good content and  some attractive post or  some key  word which  easily  attract people to  come in  your blog and reach  for what they  want  .
The  main reason to  develop this new blog is that I  have lost my  old one and it was  not working fine for me , although it already  had  more than  120000  view  but  unfortunately  i need to  start from  zero .  Due to  some issue I  opened this new blog but this is completely different than  my   old because I  am using this blog  for my  personal  purpose so  I can post all  the  travelling information  I gather when I  am travelling around different city  and different place  of the world.

Ok my  friend that's all for today .  Hope everything will  work  fine . have great time . Cheers

Earthquake In Nepal

Earthquake In Nepal
Earthquake is one of the devastating occurrence that is presented  by the nature.

There is no any  human involvement for occurrence of earthquake,  this is natural  phenomena and cannot be predicted nor can be blocked.

There any  many earthquake noticed everyday but some range very  small  value and some range higher.
Recently a small beautiful country Nepal was stroke by earthquake and  have  to  face  lots of losses , like human life loss , ancient cultural monument were destroyed and  millions of  property  were damaged.

 We cannot stop  earthquake but all  we can do is be conscious of this natural calamities and prepare our self to  face this devastation where we can reduce risk and  by  keeping our self safe.

And finally lets pray for all  the victim  of Nepal  who are still facing  many after shocks from  the quake.
( Earthquakes are measured using observations from seismometers. The moment magnitude is the most common scale on which earthquakes larger than approximately 5 are reported for the entire globe. The more numerous earthquakes smaller than magnitude 5 reported by national seismological observatories are measured mostly on the local magnitude scale, also referred to as the Richter magnitude scale. )