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The symbolism of the first letter of your name has always been significant. This goes back to a time before Christ when letters had values like numbers. It was a common form of numerology known as Gemetria.

What is the first letter of your first name? Use the guide below to interpret its meaning (and also participate in one of the oldest forms of character analysis).

A - The A first name is a very significant letter because it represents the beginning of the alphabet. It is representative of the beginning from which all else flows. It symbolizes a very strong independent individual who has the courage, energy, and spirit to achieve whatever they want in life. Often, they have several relationships through life. They need someone who will support their aims.

B – If this is the first letter of your name, then you are a more frivolous and emotional individual. You will often make your entire life about another person rather than yourself. They are also good cooks and very friendly and hospitable. This sensitive letter is easily hurt and does not tend to talk to anyone who leaves them ever again.

C – This letter defines a very skillful, versatile, and competent individual. They are gentle, kind, and very lavish with their money. Many are natural born promoters. In an argument, you want their gentle wit, fairness, and logic on your side. However, the C first name letter can also be vicious and vengeful if they feel hurt. Loyalty means a lot to them in life.

D – This letter describes a very loyal and trustworthy individual, who is always there for others. D’s have a firm sense of purpose in life that makes them sexy, vibrant, and larger than life. They are also excellent business people who at times seem a bit emotionally distant even though they are great lovers with huge libidos.

E – This letter is very social and values friendships above all us. They are very dexterous and good at repairs around the house. They are not that faithful when it comes to love and their desire to travel and be independent can sometimes cause them to push their lover away. However, they usually come back once they are done experimenting with other relationships.

F – This letter denotes an optimist with a great sense of humor. Many are natural and professional entertainers and they love to “bring people up” with their artistic endeavors. They enjoy socializing and being in a crowd but are not as good “one on one” preferring time with a good friend to time spent with a lover.
G – This letter describes a very philosophical and analytical individual who loves to read, study history, and travel. They are also very meditative personalities that are greatly attracted to religion. They are also very tidy individuals that have high expectations of other people and often are very disappointed when they are not met.

H – This letter symbolizes creative power. They are self-motivated and very controlling individuals. They are driven to succeed as artists and often see relationships as standing in the way of that. Many of them are destined to make quite a bit of money doing what they love best during their lifetime.

I – This is a letter that symbolizes “what’s right” and courage. This is a very pure and kind soul that plays it straight all through life. People with an “I” as the first letter of their name also put a great emphasis on being elegant and stylish. Many of them have careers in art and fashion.

J – This is the letter of ruthless ambition. People with this letter will stop at nothing to get what they want out of life. The J type is also honest to a fault, so much so that they drive friends and partners away with their candid observations and humor. However, for the most part, they are kind and well meaning and do well when they find an understanding partner.

K – This is a letter of extremes and the owner of this as first name letter tends to play several roles in life. They are very strong and emotional people who also need to be the center of attention. They are relentless when it comes to getting what it is that they want out of life. They are also great lovers.

L -  This first name letter symbolizes an energetic and charismatic person who is too restless to settle down. They often go from relationship to relationship without really falling deeply in love in life. Career wise, they do fantastic and many are destined to make a great deal of money.

M – This first name letter is courageous, intelligent, and a hard worker. You couldn’t find a more loyal friend. They do not try to manipulate others and take them at face value. They are good at giving others advice. They make reliable marriage partners and can become great providers and parents.

N – This letter describes someone with writing or artistic talent. They are great communicators, but their creativity can also making them too eccentric to have a relationship with. Many of them have a restless, studious nature that distances them from other people except in a very objective way.
O – This is a first name letter that values wisdom and education above everything else. Many O’s are destined to be teachers and writers. They tend to be quite moral and stand up for what is right. They tend to be meeting their soul mate early on in life and stay with that person until death.

P – People with a P first name letter tend to be talented, bright, and very creative. They are often very talkative and wise beyond their years. This is also a letter that knows how to have fun, especially sexually. They are exciting lovers who tend to remain faithful.

Q – Individuals with the Q first name letter are good writers and orators. Many of them are playwrights, musicians, and actors. They have strong opinions. The downside is that many of them are black and white thinkers who will never allow others to win an argument. However, they are good lovers.

R - R first name people are loyal, compassionate, and affectionate. However, they are always looking out for number one and can be quite faithless if they see an opportunity for gold digging or social climbing. They love challenges and will eagerly attack tasks that others shy away from.

S -  This letter symbolizes sex, charm and charisma. They love glamor and being the center of attention. Many of them end up as politicians, actors, or as professional models. Being rich means more to them than anything and an S will work hard to achieve the goal of great wealth.

T -  This is a first name letter that likes to keep busy. Sometimes they are too busy to maintain their relationships as they prefer to focus on their career. The “T” is also fastidiously neat and can become quite upset if things are not orderly. This letter can also be insanely jealous so it is recommended that if you love one that you stay faithful to him or her.

U - These talented and unique individuals are great artists and writers. They are also incredibly disorganized and famous for accumulating clutter. This makes them quite hard to live with. Many of them experience a succession of relationships in their life rather than marrying just one person. The U is good in bed but tends to be faithless which makes it hard for them to be with just one person in life for long.

V – The V individual is handy and practical and never at a loss for words. They are the “fixers” in the alphabet. They are loyal, loving, and good in bed. They have a kind heart and their word is as good as gold. However, they can be a bit possessive and territorial of lovers. They also enjoy gossip and meddling by matchmaking lovers for others.

W -  People with a W name tend to be very sexy and charismatic. They are fashionable, affectionate, and great in bed. They hold their cards close to their chest, which gives them the illusion of being loners, but in reality they value friends above all. They are difficult to get to know but well worth knowing. They can also be trusted with any secret in life.

Y -  The Y first letter symbolizes independence and freedom. Y’s are daring enterprising business people who are not afraid to take risks. They are progressive thinkers that excel at inspiring others. They are refined individuals who enjoy the good things in life. They do not have much patience for people who are poor. They are very status conscious and many Y’s marry wealthy people in life.

Z – These are trusting individuals who surround themselves with a clique of friends. You rarely see this social first name letter alone. They need the security of being surrounded by a crowd. They make great counselors because they have a great understanding of others.  Many of them are willing to take more risks than most people for love. The result is that they often get hurt.


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Apocalypto is a 2006 American historical action-adventure film directed by Mel Gibson. Set in Yucatan, Mexico, during the declining period of the Maya civilization, Apocalypto depicts the journey of a Mesoamerican tribesman who must escape human sacrifice and rescue his family after the capture and destruction of his village.
The film features a cast of Mexicans, Mayas, and some other Native Americans. Its  Maya dialogue is accompanied by subtitles.

Directed by
Mel Gibson
Produced by
·         Mel Gibson
·         Bruce Davey
·         Ned Dowd
Written by
·         Mel Gibson
·         Farhad Safinia
·         Rudy Youngblood
·         Raoul Trujillo
·         Mayra Sérbulo
·         Dalia Hernández
·         Gerardo Taracena
·         Rodolfo Palacios
·         Bernardo Ruiz Juarez
·         Ammel Rodrigo Mendoza
·         Ricardo Diaz Mendoza
·         Israel Contreras
Music by
·         James Horner
·         Rahat Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
Dean Semler
Editing by
John Wright
·         Icon Productions
Distributed by
Touchstone Pictures
Release date(s)
December 8, 2006
Running time
140 minutes
United States
$40 million
Gross revenue

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The Hangover Part II binged at the box office with a $103.4 million

The Hangover Part II binged at the box office with a $103.4 million haul over the four-day Memorial Day weekend, setting a new revenue record for a comedy debut. The sequel to 2009's blockbuster surpassed the previous best comedy opening of $85.7 million forBruce Almighty over Memorial Day in 2003.
The weekend's other new wide release, Kung Fu Panda 2, opened in second-place with $60.9 million.

Mr. Popper's Penguins (2011)

Mr. Popper's Penguins (2011)

·         Release Date: 06/17/2011
·         Rating: PG
·         Runtime: Not Yet Available
·         Genre: Children's/family, Comedy
·         Director: Mark S. Waters
·         Cast: Jim Carrey, Carla Gugino, Ophelia Lovibond, Madeline Carroll

Adventure-loving house painter Mr. Popper (Jim Carrey) contends with the problem of having too many penguins in director Mark S. Waters' adaptation of author Richard Atwater's beloved children's book. Shortly after penning a letter to a team of Arctic explorers, Mr. Popper is surprised to receive a penguin in the mail. Later, after making his mischievous new pal a cozy new home in the freezer, the hapless Mr. Popper comes into possession of a playful female penguin as well. Before long Mr. Popper finds himself surrounded by a growing family of the flightless birds, and begins training them to perform in a traveling show dubbed Popper's Performing Penguins. With each new town the show travels to, pandemonium is quick to follow.

Lunar Eclipse

What is an eclipse of the Moon? What causes eclipses and why? How often do eclipses happen and when is the next eclipse of the Moon? You'll learn the answers to these questions and more in MrEclipse's primer on lunar eclipses.

The Moon is a cold, rocky body about 2,160 miles (3,476 km) in diameter. It has no light of its own but shines by sunlight reflected from its surface. The Moon orbits Earth about once every 29 and a half days. As it circles our planet, the changing position of the Moon with respect to the Sun causes our natural satellite to cycle through a series of phasese phase known as New Moon can not actually be seen because the illuminated side of the Moon is then pointed away from Earth. The rest of the phases are familiar to all of us as the Moon cycles through them month after month. Did you realize that the word month is derived from the Moon's 29.5 day period?

To many of us, Full Moon is the phase of love and romance. When the Moon is Full, it rises at sunset and is visible all night long. At the end of the night, the Full Moon sets just as the Sun rises. None of the Moon's other phases have this unique characteristic. It happens because the Moon is directly opposite the Sun in the sky when the Moon is Full. Full Moon also has special significance with regard to eclipses.

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Leopard Man

Tom Leppard , was formerly considered by the Guinness Book of World Records to be the world's most tattooed man. Leppard, now 75 years old, fled society years ago after spending £5,500 to have his body covered in leopard  -like spots. He lived in a small cabin on the Isle of Skye, Scotland. Once every week, the ex-soldier travelled by kaya to buy supplies and pick up his pension.
An interview with Leppard exploring both his past and his current lifestyle is in Henry Hemming's 'In Search of the English Eccentric', published in June 2008.
If he went back to civilization, he said he would be plagued by "interfering busybodies" and kids throwing stones at his window.
However, in 2008 he moved into a terraced house on Broadford, Skye after a friend offered to move him by boat. Mr. Leppard (now in his seventies) no longer wished to journey by kayak across the Kyle of Lochalsh as he was only “one big wave away from disaster”

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World Most Expensive Car

If your passion for performance and luxury autos cannot be stopped, and your McLaren F1 is becoming a bore along with the rest of your exotic cars, it might be time to check out Top Gear’s “Car of the Decade,” the Bugatti Veyron. The most recent model, the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport, has an estimated price tag of $2.3 million and, if that figure is even close to the ultimate price, will be the most expensive car in the world.

The Super Sport, unveiled at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in August 2010, is not your typical luxury car. Its W16 engine—essentially two narrow-angle V8s sharing a crankshaft—with four turbochargers generates 1,200 hp and, along with improved aerodynamics over the original Veyron, allows it to reach a top speed of 268 miles per hour. That makes the Super Sport the fastest production car in the world.

The original Bugatti Veyron 16.4, which entered production in 2005, hits 60 mph in 2.5 seconds, does the quarter-mile in 10.5 seconds and reaches its top speed of 252 mph in just 55 secs. It came after a long absence from the market for Bugatti and helped the brand reclaim its title as the ultimate performance car and reign supreme as the world’s most expensive production car.

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Nepalese Culture In World History

Culture is embedded in the high peaks of Nepal, tradition flows with its rivers, art traverses through its valleys and religion lies in the heart of its people. Nepal, in short, is a country where art, culture and religion are a part of life of the inhabitants. People celebrate every moment with aroma, adding novelty to the traditions without affecting their essence.

Art of Nepal
The art and architecture of Nepal is deeply influenced by the religion. Unique craftsmanship can be found in temples, architecture, shrines, fountains and the design of religious objects. Art and religion is so deeply interlocked that it is impossible to separate the one from the other. All art forms express both Hindu and Buddhist iconography.

Buddhism in Nepal
Buddhism, the fourth largest religion all over the world, has strong roots in Nepal. Buddhism in Nepal dates from the birth of Siddhartha Gautama himself, therefore Buddhist influences are evident on the culture of Nepal. Nepal is the meeting point for Indian and Tibetan Buddhist traditions.

Culture of Nepal
The culture of Nepal is a assemblage of music, architecture, religion and literature. This mountain kingdom is multi-ethic and multi-lingual. The land is rich with unique cultural groups like Tharu,Yadav, Ahir, Newars and others.

Food of Nepal
Nepalese are great foodies and their food varieties are hot, spicy and nutritious. Newari and Thakali cuisines are the original taste of Nepal. Otherwise, Nepalese style of cooking has been influenced by traditional Nepalese and Tibetan cooking. Dal Bhat tarkari is the staple food of Nepal. Meat curries and monos are the hot favorites among the tourists.

Music of Nepal
The rhythm, beats, bounce of Nepali traditional folk and classical music is spiritual enough to sooth you and entertaining enough to cheer you. Music is associated with every event in Nepal, then be it birth, marriage, festivals or national events.

People of Nepal
The people of Indo-Aryan community are the original inhabitants of Nepal. No wonder their descendents form the majority even now. Other major groups in Nepal are Gurungs and Magars who live mainly in the western region; Rais, Limbus and Sunwars who live in the eastern mid hills; Sherpas, Manangpas and Lopas who live near the mountains of Everest, Annapurna and Mustang respectively.

Religion of Nepal
Religion in Nepal is not only a system of social coherence based on certain rituals and beliefs, rather it is the binding force that ties the mountain kingdom together. Though Nepal is famous, as the world's only Hindu Kingdom, equal respect is given to other religions as well. Buddhism is the second largest religion followed in Nepal, others being Tantrism, Islam and Christianity.