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when will world war 3 start ( world war 3 )

 World War III (abbreviated WWIII or WWW), or the Third World War, was a worldwide military conflict beginning with the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, causing the Mr. President of the United States at the time, George W. Bush, to start a war War of Terror and to invade Afghanistan, and the other beginning in the Republic of China, 2013, with the invasion of the People's Republic of China. It is regarded as the historical successor to World War II. This came as a surprise to most well informed radicals because it was believed that had these events not came to be, the Swiss would have launched thermonuclear warheads at Canada, then blaming the innocent Germans creating a favorable economy boost. However, these events did happen   the Swiss... or did they? The Swiss are very interesting people. Canada captured the entire world, under the command of Don Cherry, then gave it back and apologized, as it is not the "Canadian way".
This global conflict split a majority of the world's nations into two opposing (three including the TWP) military alliances: the Allies and the Axis. Spanning almost all of the globe, World War III resulted in the deaths of six and a half trillion people, making it the deadliest conflict in human history.
World War III was the most widespread war in history, and countries involved mobilized more than 1 billion military personnel (China, seriously who else has that many people. Of Course the Chinese propaganda news said that no Chinese people were killed, because they used war robots). Total war erased the distinction between civil and military resources and saw the complete activation of a nation's economic, industrial, and scientific capabilities for the purposes of the war effort; all of those killed in the war were civilians. USA USA USA USA USA
The conflict ended in an Axis/Allied (Some powers switched sides at the last moment) victory. As a result, Sealand and Alaska emerged as the world's two leading superpowers, setting the stage for World War IV in the next 23 years. Self determination gave rise to decolonization/independence movements in Africa and the Middle-East, while the United States itself began the road leading to the American Occupation.
Meanwhile, a budget war was beginning in Africa, where a bunch of third world niggers started throwing rocks at each other over what appeared to be a stray piece of bread from Italy. Thus giving it the name: "Third-world War"

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Top 10 Happiest Country

10. Luxembourg – 7.6 points

Living in the worlds richest country inevitably puts a smile on your face! This small landlocked European country has an army of 800 people (yes, 800). They don’t have a navy nor an air force but together with Belgium they can afford to own 1 military cargo plane. Beat that US!

According to the Guinness Book of World Records Luxembourg holds the world record as the country that consumes most alcohol in the world per citizen.

9. Guatemala – 7,6 points

This Central American country borders with Mexico in the north and is located between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. This location makes it a very difficult country to stay happy in – Guatemala is frequently ravished by hurricanes and earthquakes that often kill thousands of people. Main exports of Guatemala include coffee, sugar and bananas. The latter is probably why they are so happy – have you ever seen someone that can stay sad while eating a banana?  56% of all Guatemalans live in poverty. If you ask me, they can use the cheap bananas!

8. Canada – 7,6 points

Many people have no idea that Canada’s head of state is actually Queen Elizabeth II – the head of the British Monarchy. This meant that when Britain declared war on Germany in World War I, Canada was automatically at war with the soon to be Nazi country. Unlike the neighboring US, Canada has never cancelled its relations with Cuba and has declined to take part from the Iraq War – instead, it has played a leading role in the United Nations peacekeeping missions and helped to launch a $1.5 billion initiative to help develop vaccines that could save millions of people in poor countries. It seems that happy people make a happy country!

7. Sweden – 7,7 points

This “welfare state” model is an excellent example of effective national taxes.  Among other things the state provides universal tax-funded childcare, parental leave, health care, education (including university), retirement pensions and sick leave. Including value added tax (VAT – kind of like sales tax), it is possible to pay up to 80% of your income as taxes. Contrary to popular belief, Swedes are quite OK with their high taxes – after all it gives them tons of high quality services and they almost never need to take drastic action like taking quick payday
loans just to make ends meet. In fact, most of the services for the public are free, so what’s not to be happy about?

Sweden is also the home of IKEA – the worlds largest furniture store. IKEA’s founder Ingvar Kampard is famous for being the 7th richest person in the world (Net worth $31 billion) and driving a 15 year old Volvo station wagon. It has been claimed that more people read the Ikea catalogue than the Bible – and that one in ten Europeans have been conceived on an Ikea bed.

6. Australia – 7,7 points

The name “Australia” comes from the Latin word “Australis”, meaning “Southern”. Australia is the only country in the world, that consists of an entire continent. Between 1788 and 1868 the British used Australia as a colony to deport their convicted criminals – these people are the predecessors to many of today’s citizens. Australians are famous for playing rugby and calling each-other “mates”.

5. Finland – 7,7 points

This is the country that brought us Nokia – the worlds largest manufacturer of mobile phones. In 2003 Nokia accounted for about a quarter of Finland’s exports and in 2006 it generated more revenue than the entire budget of Finland.  Before starting to make mobile phones Nokia made (yes, it’s true) rubber boots!  Finland was also home to Simo Häyhä – considered to be the most deadly sniper through history with 542 kills. According to World Economic Forum Finland has the most competitive economy in the world. Plenty to be happy about!

4. Iceland – 7,8 points

This geologically active country is rich in volcanoes and geysers (A geyser is a hot spring that erupts water in certain intervals). Thanks to geothermal power Iceland gets its electricity and hot water dirt cheap. There have been occasions where steel has been shipped for processing from Australia or Africa and when finished shipped back to the originating country. Cheap local energy actually makes this cost effective. According to the Human Development Index, Iceland (together with Norway) is the world’s most developed country.

3. Austria – 8,0 points

Austria is the home to the popular energy drink Red Bull. This country is also one of the few in the world, that allows legal voting beginning from age 16. Upon turning 18, all Austrian males have to take part of a 6 month military service. The country has declared itself formally a neutral country or a  “perpetual neutrality” as they say it, but in reality it has taken part of various peacekeeping missions and also took part of the UN sanctions against Iraq. Thanks to the wide use of wind-, solar- and hydropower Austria produces around 80% of its energy from renewable resources. Education is mostly free, with the exception of an average semester fee of 583 dollars (370 eur) in universities. As you probably guessed – student loan debts are not an issue in Austria.

2. Switzerland – 8,1 points

This cheese and chocolate producing land is the world’s 10th richest country. Switzerland’s neutrality helped their banks to raise some serious cash – for decades it was possible to open a bank account without having to identify yourself. Upon opening an account, you were given a special number that anyone could use to deposit or withdraw money. This law was later changed since it attracted illegal money. Switzerland is also one of the top garbage recyclers in the world (66% to 96% recyclable materials recycled). They achieve this by keeping recycling free, but asking money for regular garbage – thus giving people a financial incentive to recycle.

1. Denmark – 8,2 points

Just like Sweden, Denmark is a Nordic welfare state with most of its services free to the citizens. Expect to pay 72% of your money to the government on the highest income tax bracket. According to Wikipedia Denmark has the worlds highest taxes! When buying a car in Denmark one has to pay 25% VAT to the import price of the vehicle and then a 180% registration tax on top. That means when a car sells for $20 000, you have to pay an additional $45 000 as taxes for the government (total of $65 000). That’s why people in Denmark ride bikes or use one of the best public transport systems in the world. Denmark also has 2 autonomous provinces – the Faroe Islands and Greenland. The latter is over 50 times larger than Denmark but has about 100 times less people.

Other notable countries

USA – 7.4 points – 17th place
Great Britain – 7.1 points – 22nd place
France – 6.5 points – 39th place
China – 6.3 points – 44th place
India – 6.3 points – 45th place
Japan – 6.3 points – 46th place

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Iphone 4GS

Not to mention the iPhone 4G devices launched, seems to have reaped much debate here and there about the exact time for the launch of these devices. That’s a phenomenon that occurs, the more chapters there is a debate that will more and more people are curious to know and wait for its existence.

In an interview on a radio station, Stephen Richard’s statement as the deputy CEO of France Telecom recently seems to have reinforced the launch plan tablet PC devices made by Apple. In addition, speculation also centered around the iPhone 4G device that is believed to be launched in May 2010.

Believe it or not, it’s all up to you. But certainly with the things that seem to be pushing Apple to market the device earlier than the rumored time, mobilize the movement against the dominance of Google, and develop the latest smartphone device that runs the Android operating system. Apple iPhone device used to introduce the newest in a time frame in June-July.

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 Goldfish cover a wide range of species, but they are all members of the generic family Carassius auratus, and have been bred by the Chinese, Koreans and Japanese. One of the difficulties for the amateur to breed this fish is that they can be difficult to sex. The difference in their gender is only apparent when they are in a spawning condition. The greatest change occurs in the males, they develop white pimples known as "breeding tubercles", on their fins and sometimes their head. Check along the gill operculum, and along the front rays of their pectoral fin.

Goldfish are capable of breeding when they are a year old, but they are in their prime during their third year. Under normal circumstances, it is impossible to tell their sex until they have grown to 8cm. Therefore it is impossible to buy a small fish and be certain of its gender. Many breeders advocate that the sexes should be kept apart before the breeding commences, and this is impossible before they are sexed. Therefore breeding of goldfish can be a long term project, as they first have to be sexed. This is best done in the Summer, and the fish can be over wintered for breeding in the Spring.

The process of breeding is induced by a change in the temperature of the water. Goldfish will breed at a temperature of 10-26ºC, but the optimum temperature to ensure success is 20ºC. To induce the fish to spawn you can either wait for more clement weather, or you can artificially and slowly raise the temperature of the water. To ensure a greater chance of fertility more males are kept then females, usually the ratio is two to one. Bear in mind here that each fish needs fifteen gallons of water, and they do not like to be overcrowded.

It is easy to spot when they are ready to breed, as the male has a ritual of a “spawning chase”, whereby he follows the female around and pushes against her abdomen, for several hours. This should occur if all the conditions are correct with a few days of the fish being brought together. The female, when she is ready will lay her eggs in batches, the first batch being the most fertile. She can lay from five hundred to a thousand eggs, so they will not be released all at once. The male will immediately fertilize these eggs by spraying milt on to them.

Once the egg laying is over the eggs should be removed from the breeding tank, and rinsed in aged water, which is at the same temperature as the water they have been released from. They should then be placed in a separate twenty gallon tank. However the depth of the water should not exceed six inches, as the pressure of the water inhibits their ability to rise to the surface.

The eggs will hatch at the temperature of 21ºC, so if the water is cooler raise it gently to that temperature. At this stage the clearer looking of the eggs are the most fertile, and therefore have the greater chance of hatching. The darker eggs are infertile, and have a high chance of developing a fungal infection; they should be removed from the tank. A few drops of methylene blue can reduce the chance of fungal activity.